INsig2, founded in 2004, is offering wide range of digital forensic services and solutions. INsig2 is advising, educating, supporting and conducting investigations for law enforcement and private sector. Also, INsig2 has extensive experience in designing, equipping and setting up digital forensics laboratories for different government agencies.

INsig2's most prominent service is the forensic educational program. With its own training center, INsig2 is conducting a variety of high quality digital forensics trainings, from basic to advanced courses, management, skill-based, product related or specific courses all tailored to meet client's needs.

In the last few years, together with our partners, we have trained more than 1000 law enforcement officials from the whole Europe, East Africa and Middle East.

The International Association of Prosecutors (IAP), which is a non-governmental and non-political organisation, is the first and only world organisation of prosecutors.

It was established in 1995 and now has more than 172 organizational members from over 171 different countries, representing every continent, as well as many individual members.

It was established in June 1995 at the United Nations offices in Vienna and was formally inaugurated in September 1996 at its first General Meeting in Budapest. The main impetus leading to its formation was the rapid growth in serious transnational crime, particularly drug trafficking, money laundering and fraud. The need was perceived for greater international co-operation between prosecutors and for greater speed and efficiency in mutual assistance, asset tracking and other international co-operative measures.

Its mission is to be a world authority for Prosecutors in the conduct of criminal prosecutions and associated matters and to operate as an organisation of international repute and referral.