INsig2, founded in 2004, is offering wide range of digital forensic services and solutions. INsig2 is advising, educating, supporting and conducting investigations for law enforcement and private sector. Also, INsig2 has extensive experience in designing, equipping and setting up digital forensics laboratories for different government agencies. INsig2's most prominent service is the forensic educational program. With its own training center, INsig2 is conducting a variety of high quality digital forensics trainings, from basic to advanced courses, management, skill-based, product related or specific courses all tailored to meet client's needs.
In the last few years, together with our partners, we have trained more than 1000 law enforcement officials from the whole Europe, East Africa and Middle East.


Sumuri is a company specializing in worldwide training, hardware,software and services relating to digital evidence. Sumuri is also the home of PALADIN! Sumuri LLC opened for business to provide forensic training, services and products relating to the preservation, examination and reporting of digital evidence. Sumuri was founded by Steve Whalen, CFCE who has a wide range of experience and expertise relating to digital evidence. Whalen was co-founder of Forward Discovery, Inc., founder of Phoenix Data Group LLC, a 15 year veteran of the Delaware State Police, developer of the popular Macintosh Forensic Survivor Courses, Cellebrite Forensic Training and Certification Course, a popular free forensic boot CD and toolset in addition to developing several other courses which are taught worldwide.



Founded in 2002, Belkasoft is a global leader in digital forensics technology, known for their sound and comprehensive forensic tools. With a team of professionals in digital forensics, data recovery and reverse engineering, Belkasoft focuses on creating technologically advanced yet easy-to-use products for investigators and forensic experts to make their work easier, faster, and more effective.
With this focus in mind, Belkasoft introduces their flagship product, Belkasoft Evidence Center - an easy-to-use, integrated solution for collecting and analyzing digital evidence from mobile and computer devices. Customers in law enforcement, police, military, business, intelligence agencies, and forensic laboratories in 130+ countries worldwide use Belkasoft Evidence Center to fight homicide, crimes against children, drug trafficking, data leakage, fraud, and other online and offline crimes.



BlueBear is a Canadian boutique software shop focused on forensic software solutions for Law Enforcement. Our objective is to design and develop software that gives law enforcement and intelligence communities the solutions they need to do their jobs effectively, efficiently and successfully. BlueBear’s technology was created because of a demand by Law Enforcement agencies for an easy to use forensic tools that will automate and assist in the expedient processing of very large amounts of confiscated images and videos files. With this in mind, BlueBear provides a suite of tools for use by Law Enforcement mainly in online Child Exploitation cases and the identification of individuals associated with these and other cases. BlueBear’s flagship product is called LACE. LACE is a unique tool designed to assist investigators in the automated categorization of media-evidence files (images & videos) that have been seized or confiscated.

Magnet Forensics is a global leader in the development of digital investigation software that acquires, analyzes and shares evidence from smartphones, computers, the cloud, and IoT related devices. Magnet Forensics has been helping examiners and investigators fight crime, protect assets, and guard national security since 2011.



Canadian company Teel Technologies provides the best tools, trainings and services for professionals, tasked with investigating mobile devices. With a focus on the total lab establishment, training in all skill levels, as well as applying their extensive experience and expertise in their services offering, they provide a comprehensive approach to all clients, to meet their specific requirements.