Engineering and design of security systems for use in the defense sector represents a real challenge for any business.

Diverse nature of the risks involved, safety aspects of the delicate and demanding environment as well as uncompromising quality and reliability of applied technologies cannot be encountered on any other sector.

Security systems that have been implemented in the defense sector must be flexible and adaptable, especially in the case of an emergency when there is a need to shift the emphasis from the stable functioning of the security system (functions of prevention, deterrence and protection) to the emergency mode, when the security system must provide all information needed for rapid, sudden and effective intervention form the forces on the ground .

Security systems based on modern ICT technologies will link the most vulnerable and geographically most remote locations in a hierarchical fully integrated system. Not only will this approach raise the level of security of defensive sites, but the total cost of defense will be much lower through the reduction of necessary manpower for security.

During the last 10 years, INsig2 has carried out several extremely complex, sensitive and demanding security systems for clients in the region and global clients.